“Will older people be left behind in global development? | STATEMENT ON LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND” – Senior Planet

Ageing is transforming our world. We are all ageing. Older persons are the fastest growing population group globally, reaching 22% by 2050 with 54 percent of that number being women, and almost 60 percent living in urban areas, with 46 per cent those aged 60 years and over living with disabilities. Older people experience complex forms of exclusion and marginalization based on a range of intersecting inequalities that reinforce discriminations based on age, gender and disability.

leave no one behind

“The Gray Panthers (one of the few NGOs actively addressing the concerns of older people on the global stage, learn about them here) made a big impact at the United Nations recently. Sylvia Beales, renowned advocate for the rights of older persons as well as for social protection platforms in Africa and worldwide, represented The Gray Panthers at an important global summit on Global Development.  As one of the globe’s most effective advocates on the rights of older persons, Ms. Beales proudly and effectively represented Gray Panthers. (If you want to be part of this effort, join The Gray Panthers Network, visit www.graypanthersnyc.org or call 917 535 0457).

“Beales had been selected as the ‘Lead Discussant’ at UN Headquarters on ‘Leaving No One Behind”’ in global efforts to assure inclusion of older persons and other traditionally overlooked groups. She made a compelling case in her remarks, reproduced in full here:”

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Learn more about the Gray Panthers, click here: http://www.graypanthersnyc.org

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