“What Different-Looking People Would Like You to Know Before You Stare” – The New York Times

different peopleGraham Roumieu

by David Pogue

“A little boy sees a bald man in the store. ‘Mommy, look! That man has no hair!’ he says.

“His mother grabs his arm and whispers urgently: ‘Be quiet! He might hear you!’

“The boy looks at his mother, puzzled. ‘Doesn’t he know?’

There’s a lot going on in that old joke — about children and novelty, about unusual looks, about parenting and tact.

“At the end of the previous ‘Crowdwise,’ I invited people who describe themselves as looking different — people who are very large or small, who are visibly disabled, who have distinctive features — to share their thoughts with the public. How should strangers react? Look away? Smile? Is it O.K. to ask questions?”

Read this article in its entirety at The New York Times.

body image

Here’s another article related to the differences and embracing them: “Body Image: Don’t Believe Everything You Think.” 



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