“The Quest for the Multigenerational City | The lives of the young and the old rarely cross in many American cities.” – CityLab

multigenerational city

by Megan Kimble

“Faye is stressed out about the craft room in her condominium. ‘I get very overwhelmed when I try to clean it,’ she tells me when I arrive on the doorstep of her condo one hot Tuesday evening in June.

“She’d submitted a request for volunteer help through Capital City Village, a nonprofit in Austin, Texas, that helps older people age in their homes and communities, and I, a volunteer, had responded.

“’That’s OK, I love to organize,’ I say.

“’Well, I hope so,’ she says, already worrying as she invites me in and sits me down on the couch. She asks me to tell her about myself. She is skeptical: Why am I spending my Tuesday evening helping a retiree I’d never met clean her apartment?”

Click here to continue reading this CityLab article in its entirety.

age friendly world

Lancaster is an “age-friendly” place.

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