“How one Islamic community center found tranquility during Ramadan” – WITF

ann wengerAnn Wenger greets worshippers at the Islamic Center of Lancaster during Ramadan. (Emily Previti/WITF)

by Emily Previti, WITF

“When I arrived at the Islamic Center of Lancaster on a balmy Sunday night, I was greeted by a white, middle-aged woman. I was there for iftar, the meal Muslims eat after sundown each night of Ramadan to break the daily fasts required of healthy adults during the month-long Islamic holiday.

“On this particular evening, the community iftar included a group from St. Paul’s United Methodist Church whose pastor had invited me to observe the interfaith activity.

“Ann Wenger informed me she wasn’t with the church, nor is she Muslim.

“‘I am with Tranquility Force,’ Wenger explained. ‘We’ve just been hanging out in the parking lot during iftar and prayers during Ramadan. Just to keep watch.’

“When we first met, Wenger was alone.

“But she said she’s usually joined … ”

Read this WITF article in full; click here.


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