“close relationships are good for our health and well-being” | results from the longest-running study on happiness

“The one thing you need for a happier, healthier life | the answer might be more simple than you expect”


“When it comes to happiness, many have tried to find the key to it. Is it money, a successful career, fame? Is there one thing that happy people have that unhappy people don’t? According to The Harvard Study of Adult Development, there is.

“Harvard Medical School professor and researcher Robert J. Waldinger spoke at the TEDxBeaconStreet conference recently and delivered the findings from a more than 75-year-old ongoing study on the cause of happiness. (You can watch his talk below.) Waldinger is the fourth person to run the study, according to The Washington Post.

“In it, researchers selected a group of of 724 men from the Boston area — 268 sophomores from Harvard College and 456 teenagers from the inner city — and followed them as they aged. The men grew to become lawyers, bricklayers, doctors and even a future President of the United States — John F. Kennedy.”

Click on the graphic above or here to read this NextAvenue.org article in its entirety.

“TED.com video – What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness.”

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